Our Mission

Our goal is to provide entrepreneurs and small businesses the information they need to make smart decisions. Our process delivers valuable customer insights on new business concepts and products. We deliver the same insights Fortune 500 companies use for multimillion dollar product launches to our customers at a fraction of the cost.

What does this mean for you? You get unbiased feedback on your new product idea and save time and money.

Our Methodology

We’ve identified five factors essential for new product success.


We show your idea to your potential customers and solicit feedback from them in an objective manner.

It’s not just the questions we ask, but the manner in which they’re asked that matters. We then analyze this feedback, compare it to other new product introductions we’ve tested, and rate how you compare. We can pinpoint where your ideas is strong, where it is weak, and suggest areas for improvement.

Privacy of your idea is important to us so your idea is never shared outside of your target customer.

The Team

  • Ben
    Ben Gruber
  • Alicia square
    Alicia Tan
  • Greg
    Greg Cipolaro