Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Validatio meant for?

Validatio is meant for individuals, startups or small businesses with consumer facing, early stage ideas. This might mean an idea in your head, something that you’ve started researching, or even a product that has just launched.

Why should I test my idea and get customer feedback?

Building a product or service can cost a lot of money and take a lot of time. Before doing this, your first step should be to get feedback on your idea. Validatio helps you do this in an unbiased, structured, easy and affordable way.

What type of ideas can be tested?

Any product or service idea can be validated as long as it can be explained in our wizard. Our testing methodology uses the same process Fortune 500 companies use to test new product introductions and it does not change depending on the product type.

Where can I see a sample of the report?

Click here for a sample of the report.

What does a general population represent?

Our goal is to gather information from respondents indicative of the US population or "genpop". High quality Internet panels like American National Election Panel Study conducted by Knowledge Networks have respondents that are 57.6% female, 16.2 of average education, mean age of 49.7, mean income of $69,043, 83% white, and 56.8% married. For specific customer segmentation studies, please select our Enterprise package or contact us at

Who is giving feedback on my idea?

We use third party research panels including Survey Monkey Audience, Cint, etc., to find representatives of your target customer.

What kind of audience is a good indicator of whether my idea is good?

This depends on how niche the problem or solution is that you are addressing. Random or general population audiences are relevant for ideas that are meant to appeal to most people in the US.

How many respondents should I get?

This depends on how much accuracy you want in your test results. For extremely early stage ideas, 20 respondents may be sufficient. For ideas in the research, launch or post launch phases we recommend at least 100 respondents to get a statistically significant result.

How long do the results take?

Your results will be delivered to you in 7 business days or less.

What if I want a specific audience for my idea?

We offer a package that allows you to select targeted customer groups for your report. Please contact us at to find out more.

What questions are being asked?

We ask 10 questions that tackle the core of your customer’s needs, how well your product satisfies those needs, how well they like it, if they would recommend it to a friend, and how much they would pay.

What sort of privacy does Validatio give me?

We value your privacy, and your idea will not be shared with anyone outside of our team and your target customer.

Can I validate the same idea more than once?

Yes, you can validate the same idea for different pricing package levels, but you will need to enter the details in each time.

Can I get a downloadable file of my results?

We are working on providing you a downloadable pdf of your report as well as the data of survey respondent answers.

How do I go back or change the details of my idea in the wizard?

You can press back and change any of the details on the last page of the wizard before submitting. If you have already submitted, please contact us at with any change requests and we will try to accommodate you.

I need help understanding my report, can you help me?

During our beta phase we aim to provide each customer with personalized interpretation of your report. Once your results are in, we will set up time to schedule a call. Feel free to email us at with any questions.

How do I contact you?

Feel free to email us at with any questions, comments, or suggestions.